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Musical Tuition


Sheila Joynes teaches Cello, Double Bass, Piano and Theory of Music.  Not only does she hold qualifications in each of these (and many other instruments - see the About Sheila page) but she is also a fully qualified teacher.

Being a multi-talented musician, Sheila brings interest and variety to her lessons as she will play the piano to accompany students playing instruments such as Cello and Double Bass.  Piano and cello duets are an enjoyable addition to a piano pupil's learning experience as well.

Playing with an accomplished musician lifts the occasion, makes lessons far more enjoyable and stimulates enthusiasm to learn and progress.

Sheila's teaching style relies on encouragement and praise. One of Sheila's adult pupils said "my music teacher used to rap me across the knuckles"; you can be assured similar methods of 'encouragement' have never been in Sheila's repertoire!

The Things people have said about Sheila and her teaching

" cared.  It has been a long road you and Sarah have travelled since she had a half-size cello.  You have helped her out a great deal, suggesting the cello and not the flute would open more doors and  finding out about the Benslow Trust.  You will always be a special part of her musical development."
Debbie - Mother of Sarah, a post-Grade 8 Student, Sheila's pupil for 10 years.

"It's fun learning the piano!"
David - aged 8

"Cello lessons with Sheila are always a pleasure: interesting,
instructive and never a dull moment.  I really do enjoy my lessons with you - you never put me down, always something encouraging."
Tricia - one of Sheila's adult pupils

"Sheila has been teaching me to play the cello now for two years and with her excellent teaching ability and a determination to drive pupils forward, I am know working to take my grade 5 exam!"
Steve - one of Sheila's adult pupils (and he passed the exam).

"Batty, but beautiful!"
Alan - father of two of Sheila's pupils.