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Sheila Joynes


Sheila Joynes is an accomplished musician, music teacher, performer and choirmaster.

She is also a published composer and presenter of the video series "Sheila Joynes Teaches Music Theory".

Music CompsitionSheila has been teaching Cello, Double Bass, Piano, Singing and Theory of Music for around forty years.

Her pupils span the entire skill and age spectrum, her youngest was just three years old and her eldest eighty-five.

Sheila's Music Theory videos

Sheila's Music Theory tuition videos are no longer available on-line but can be provided as computer-playable video files on a DVD data disk for 50 for the complete set covering all five Grades from 1 to 5.  Click here to see the contents of the modules and contact Sheila if you are interested.

Musical Tuition

Sheila has many musical qualifications and she is also a fully qualified teacher. Read what Sheila's students say about her.

For Qualifications or Fun

Sheila is skilled at bringing her students up to grade level and many pupils have enjoyed remarkable success in ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) musical grade examinations. Sheila herself recently attained her 8th ABRSM Grade 8 qualification. You can read more about that on the About Sheila page.

During her career, Sheila has entered many hundreds of pupils for more than 400 ABRSM examinations. She is rightly proud of her student's pass rate of over 97%. However, this is not to say examinations are a requirement - far from it. Many of Sheila's pupils have no intention of taking the route to a musical qualification but play entirely for their own, and others' enjoyment; a desire Sheila heartily endorses.

A Practising Musician

Sheila was Principal Cellist with the Chandos Symphony Orchestra for 25 years and is now Concert Manager for the orchestra. She has played organ for services and concerts in many churches across the West Midlands and having been Assistant Organist at Pershore Abbey for eight years and subsequently Director of Music there, Sheila is an experienced Choir Master in both sacred and secular music.

More Information

If you are looking for musical tuition (at any age and any stage of learning from total beginner to Grade Eight and beyond) a chat with Sheila costs nothing and could be the start of something wonderful.

Sheila is well known in the West Midlands and can pass on information about local musical groups and orchestras. She can introduce you to local groups with whom you can play, share your love of music and enjoy all the many social aspects of making music together.

Please explore these pages to learn more.  If and when you wish to get in touch, just Contact Sheila.


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